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Huawei exec says trade war is having a ‘damaging effect’

Huawei exec says trade war is having a ‘damaging effect’

The trade war between the United States and China carries deep consequences for the tech industry. Ken Hu, Huawei’s deputy chairman, told an audience at Davos earlier Tuesday that the trade war is having a “damaging effect on many of the companies” in the tech industry, including Huawei. “As the technology industry, we heavily rely

Inside the Disaster Zone: Meeting the challenges of emergency response with force-multiplying technologies

When disaster strikes, citizens look to federal, state and local emergency responders to return their lives and communities to normalcy. Government can’t do it alone. Real-time situational awareness, connectivity and secure mobile communications provide force-multiplying support that helps save lives, reduce damage to both property and infrastructure and restore normalcy to communities as quickly as

Massive arched bridge to link China to Myanmar

Record-setting bridge to become part of the China-Myanmar cross-border rail link A gigantic steel arch has been put into place over the Nujiang River in southwestern China’s Yunnan province, and before the end of 2019 bullet trains will cross the world’s longest arched railway bridge at speeds of 200 kph. The bridge, being built by

Beijing slams Canada for Huawei arrest as bail hearing drags on

‘Dark psychology’ of those who wish to attack Huawei on display, says Chinese state media The stunning arrest of Meng Wanzhou, a figure at the heart of a global race to dominate high-tech industries, has kicked up an international political firestorm with Canada caught in the epicenter. As her bail hearing continued for a second

Huawei and Europe’s 5G Conundrum

By Erik Brattberg and Philippe Le Corre In a world marked by growing geopolitical rivalry between Washington and Beijing, American allies will increasingly face a stark choice between the two The recent controversy in the United States, Japan and Australia over the Chinese technology giant, Huawei, is also beginning to reverberate across Europe . Several

The Navy’s Columbia-Class Ballistic Missile Submarine Has a Very Special Propulsion System

And its getting closer to becoming reality. The Navy’s Columbia-Class Ballistic Missile Submarine Has a Very Special Propulsion System The Navy has now completed at least one-fourth of the design drawings and begun advanced work on a stealthy “electric drive” propulsion system for the emerging nuclear-armed Columbia-Class ballistic missile submarines — as part of its

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen dies of cancer complications at 65

(Reuters) – Microsoft Corp co-founder Paul Allen, the man who persuaded school-friend Bill Gates to drop out of Harvard to start what became the world’s biggest software company, died on Monday at the age of 65, his family said. Allen left Microsoft in 1983, before the company became a corporate juggernaut, following a dispute with

Technology and innovative finance key to reaching end users

BALI, Indonesia — New technology and blended finance will help to bridge the “last mile” of the infrastructure gap by getting goods and services to end users, and connecting underserved populations to business value chains, said the African Development Bank during a session at the Global Infrastructure Forum 2018 on Saturday. This year’s forum themed

Animal Health Care: Stakeholders call for more diagnostic laboratories

Details of a report on disease control in Africa, carried out by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in 2011 by the Deputy Director General, ILRI, Dr. John McDermott, revealed that livestock diseases present both economic and health dangers to developing countries like Nigeria. According to him, “Wealthy countries are effectively dealing with livestock diseases,

F-15: The Air Force Fighter No One Wants To Fight

The USAF bought its last F-15 in 2001, but foreign sales have kept Boeing’s production line humming since. The company has twice in recent years tried to again attract the interest of the Air Force, first with the semi-stealthy Silent Eagle in 2010. In 2016, Boeing again introduced a new F-15, Eagle 2040C. Eagle 2040C