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Showdown: Russia’s Deadly Armata T-14 Tank vs. America’s ‘New’ M1 Abrams (Who Wins, Who Dies?)

Showdown: Russia’s Deadly Armata T-14 Tank vs. America’s ‘New’ M1 Abrams (Who Wins, Who Dies?)

Can the Army keep up with the latest and greatest from Russia and China? Army and industry weapons developers have begun work on an advanced next-generation…Abrams tank specifically engineered with new weapons, ammunition, laser-spotters and advanced thermal sights able to outrange, outgun and outmatch the most modern Russian and Chinese tanks, service and industry officials

Goldman Sachs is now a tech company

Computer engineers now make up 25% of Goldman Sachs’ workforce. One of every five deposits at Bank of America come from a cell phone, and big-bank backed Zelle processed $75B in peer-to-peer transactions in their first year. New financial technologies aren’t just making it easier for banks to manage their books: they’re aiming to reach

‘Carbon bubble’ coming that could wipe trillions from the global economy – study

Macroeconomic simulations show rates of technological change in energy efficiency and renewable power are likely to cause a sudden drop in demand for fossil fuels, potentially sparking a global financial crisis. Experts call for a “carefully managed” shift to low-carbon investments and policies to deflate this “carbon bubble”. Individual nations cannot avoid the situation by

Energy Efficiency

… and why global energy demand is likely to level off in the next two decades DNV GL’s Energy Transition Outlook team predicts that global energy demand is likely to flatten, if not peak, by 2050. The greatest driver of that historical watershed will be the often-overlooked hero of the transition: energy efficiency. Director of

Trump’s Bizarre Bid to Bailout Coal and Nuclear

The Trump administration is pulling out all the stops to give a leg up to coal and nuclear, moving to take unprecedented action to intervene in the U.S. electricity markets to essentially bail out failing plants as they face an existential threat from natural gas and renewable energy. For more than a year, the Trump

A New Energy Storage Solution Debuts in the Railway Sector

Battery technologies are all the craze these days as everyone is racing to find the perfect solution to energy storage for the growing share of solar and wind power in the grid. But energy storage solutions are also making forays into the railways industry where batteries can help stabilize the railway electricity grid. One new

Smarter, leaner, greener

In the future, humanity will make much smarter use of energy. With significant energy intensity improvements, global energy use will level off even as the population continues to increase. An example of how the average energy use per person will reduce is shown by the following: The average European consumed 135 Gigajoules of energy per

To Innovate, Government needs to take advantage of AI

There is no doubt — artificial intelligence (AI) is the future. Through significant investments in tools such as machine learning and deep learning, commercial sector organizations are leading the way in discovering what is possible with AI. By incorporating AI into their overall digital strategies, organizations are experiencing benefits such as increased efficiency and lowered

National Security Division Focuses on Combating Cyberthreats

The U.S. Justice Department’s National Security Division, created in response to the September 11, 2001, terror attacks, is increasingly focused on an emergent menace: cyberthreats posed by foreign countries, from Russia to China, the division head said Thursday. “In the past years, [the division’s mission] has come increasingly to include a focus on cyber as

‘North Korea Is A Cyber Super Power:’ Former ROK Commander

HONOLULU: More than 3.5 million Americans and South Koreans could be casualties should North Korea attack Camp Humphrey, the huge American military base. The camp, thought to be the most likely target for a North Korean nuclear weapon should war occur, is south of the South Korean capital, Seoul, but if Kim Jong Un used