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NextMoneyBusinessReview: How did 9Mobile go from boom to burst?

By Alex Ekemenah, Editor, NextMoney Introduction Will there ever be a new dawn for 9Mobile? Less than two years of coming into existence, 9Mobile has been caught in corporate identity and integrity crisis. In late December 2018, news broke in the media that 9Mobile has been sold through the backdoor by Asset Management Corporation of

An Interview with North Korean Defector Ji Seong-ho

By John Dale Grover “We have seen young people from the South and North cometogether as friends, with mutual respect and acceptance, and without hesitation, in order to solve North Korea’s human rights issues”. If the day comes that North and South Korea reunite as one country, North Korean refugees and defectors living in South

China’s Stability Is at Risk

By Christopher Whalen Offshore investots who have become enamored of the illusion of economic growth and political stability in China may want to recalibrate the reality gauge in 2019 The western view of China’s political economy is driven partly by anecdote, partly by accepting Beijing’s propaganda/economic data as fact. Foreign investors have convinced themselves that

#PPP PROJECTS IN 2019: The Way Forward

By Wilson Akhator-Eneka Preface: It has been a rewarding year; 2018 offers opportunities to advance PPP learning curve… Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC) was at the forefront promoting various initiatives on PPP agenda. We witnessed more buy-ins into PPP programs. On my part I provoked issues, and provided some research (evidence based) recommendations that will

Prof Akpata’s Book – Sand, Sun and Surprises Launched in Lagos

Lagos, December 30, 2018: Sand, Sun and Surprises, a book authored by Professor Enosakhare Samuel Akpata has been formally launched. The unveiling was the highpoint of Professor Akpata’s 50th wedding anniversary dinner which took place on Saturday, December 29, 2018 at the Metropolitan Club, Victoria Island, Lagos. Enosakhare Akpata is a retired professor of dentistry

Privatization and Atiku Abubakar

By Alex Ekemenah As the country move rapidly towards the 2019 General Elections, we have been inundated with news stories of attacks and counterattacks on individual political actors, political parties and corollary substantive issues at stake. There are innuendoes, direct attacks and significantly allegations of corrupt practices, inept handling of public affairs, etc. These are

Assessing George H.W. Bush’s National-Security Legacy

The first president Bush made the world safer as the Soviet Union crumbled. Ronald Reagan broke the back of the nuclear arms race. Then George H.W. Bush cut bloated strategic forces and nuclear arsenals down to size. He took initiatives to remove the least safe and secure warheads from operational deployments, a move designed to