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Tesla’s “Secret Weapon” Disappears from Website and Fans Are Panicking

Tesla’s “Secret Weapon” Disappears from Website and Fans Are Panicking

Tesla has removed all information it had about its Model 3 standard version on its website and some fans of the brand are panicking, Electrek’s Fred Lambert reports. It was this base Model 3 with a standard battery pack that was supposed to be Tesla’s “secret weapon” on the car market, the affordable luxury electric vehicle

Scientists Develop Wave Energy Device That Generates Low-Cost Electricity

Engineers from Scotland and Italy have developed a new wave energy technology that could generate low-cost electricity for thousands of homes. Engineers from the University of Edinburgh and from several universities in Italy have designed, developed, and tested a device that costs less than conventional designs and that can be incorporated into existing ocean systems, the University

Does Saudi Arabia Really Have As Much Oil As Analysts Think?

Officially, Venezuela has the world’s largest crude oil reserves with 303 billion barrels of proved reserves. But, a lot of this oil is extra-heavy crude oil, and may not be economical to produce at prevailing prices. Thus, some portion of Venezuela’s barrels may in reality no longer be in the “proved reserves” category. Consider that

The 30 Most Exciting Wildcat Plays Of 2019

After years of budget cuts, oil and gas companies are finally stepping up their exploration game. Several wildcat wells planned for 2019 have the potential to be “elephant” finds, according to Rystad Energy. Improved market conditions and lower well costs have led E&P players to ramp up their 2019 exploration activities in all parts of

Bank of America: Oil ‘Anchored’ Until 2024Join Our Community

Brent oil prices should trade between a relatively narrow range of $50 to $70 per barrel through 2024, with prices “anchored” around $60, according to a new report from Bank of America Merrill Lynch. This dovetails with the current futures prices five years out, centered around $60 per barrel. Prices will bounce around, but should

Chinese Power Play Could Threaten Taiwan’s Energy IndustryJoin Our Community

Ever since Tsai Ing-wen was elected as Taiwan’s president in 2016 as head of the pro-independence ruling party, tensions between China and Taiwan have escalated to multi-decade extremes. Before her election, relations between the two sides had reached a new era of conciliation or, as Beijing would like to call it, reconciliation during the administration

CBN injects $210m into foreign exchange market

The Central Bank of Nigeria has injected $210m into the various segments of the market to sustain its intervention in the Inter-Bank Foreign Exchange Market. CBN’s Director, Corporate Communications, Mr. Isaac Okorafor, made this known in a statement on Tuesday in Abuja. Okorafor said that the apex bank offered $100m as wholesale interventions and allocated

From Wakanda to reality: Building mutual prosperity between African-Americans and Africa

This year’s Black History Month is being celebrated with a higher sense of African pride, given the unprecedented enthusiasm generated by Marvel’s “Black Panther” last year and increased conversations about a better representation of minority groups. “Wakanda”—a fictitious, prosperous, “futuristic, powerful, and proud African nation”—salutes black culture by “shedding light on black excellence.” After the movie’s release, many in black