BMO Slams The Economist

Niyi Akinsiju, Chairman, Buhari Media Organization

The Buhari Media Organisation has dismissed The Economist’s analysis of the state of poverty in Nigeria,accusing  the magazine of bias.

In a statement by Niyi Akinsiju (chairman) and Cassidy Maduekwe (secretary), the group said, “The Economist’s latest report on the state of poverty in Nigeria is a sheer agglomeration of ill-thought and no reference sources of both primary and secondary data, merely targeted at deriding the present administration in a vicious bid to serve its predetermined agenda. There’s absolutely no way that agglomeration of jaundiced submissions glorifying unverifiable data will pass the test of objectivity and professional analysis.

“Viewed against the background of its obvious efforts to cause disaffection – against the person and administration of the Buhari government through its various rabble-rousing analyses and reports, it is no surprise that the international news medium has joined the bandwagon of motor-park analysts.”

It added, “The only entity known to determine not only the international poverty line but undertake poverty headcount ratio is the World Bank, and as it were, the outcome of the last poverty headcount conducted across countries  was published and circulated in 2015. It is in this report that Nigerians living in extreme poverty was stated at 86.9million.

“This was the last of the ruinous years of the Peoples Democratic Party in government.”

  • Source: The Punch, June 6, 2019


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