Letter from Khaing Myo Htun, Human Rights Defender and Environmentalist

Dear supporters,

Hoping that all of you including all human rights defenders around the world are in good health and everything is ok. I owe all of you for standing and supporting to free me when I faced difficulties in trial and prison in Myanmar. It’s time for me to stand with you to support those who have faced trouble for defending others. Thank you indeed.
Martin Luther King said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” There is no access to justice where people do not have legal awareness, information, knowledge of rights and where there is a weak justice system. So, we have to increase knowledge and awareness on human rights issues. The only thing we can [do to] prevent war is …..PEACE only!
By the way, I have got some envelopes and colourful postcards from human rights defenders of U.S.A., U.K., France, Holland Tokyo in Japan and others. It’s with great happiness and honor for me to receive those colorful postcards by saying “Khaing Myo Htun, be strong, we are behind you.” I thank all those who are fighting for rights, truth, rule of law, peace, equality and justice, regardless of race, color or religion – big or small, rich or poor and disabled. Please extend my honest and big regards upon them and tell them that no matter how far we are, we have the same goal for rights and truth and all of you are within my heart.
The last thing I would like to tell you all is: I am not afraid of passing away (dying) in the prison for fighting for rights and truth, but afraid of dying without fighting against a situation that is not in accordance with UN norms and standards. Therefore we must fight for inborn and inherent rights to be free from the yoke of people that abuse their power, for all human beings around the world until the day when we pass away and so long as we are alive in this world, more saying, in this universe. Honestly and strongly speaking, I have made up my mind to struggle to liberate all people from the yoke of those abusing power so everyone can enjoy for peace and rights -so I must endeavour to overcome all the difficulties. Dear supports, hoping that we shall see soon.

Thank all of you so much!

With the best regards,

Khaing Myo Htun
Human Rights Defender and Environmentalist
Arakan State, Myanmar