Electricity generation drops to 2,684MW

The nation’s power generation plunged by 777.9 megawatts on Monday as output from the hydropower plants and some gas-fired stations, including Egbin in Lagos, suffered declines. A total generation capacity of 4,463.3MW was unavailable as of 6am on Monday, compared to 3,631.4MW on Friday, according to the latest data obtained by our correspondent from the


Something Strange Is Happening In the Saudi Oil Patch

By Irina Slav – Aug 06, 2018, 9:30 AM CDT Saudi Arabia may have started to fill up its oil tanks, export and domestic consumption data suggests, as cited by Bloomberg’s Julian Lee. Traditionally, the summer months are the season of peak local consumption of crude, Lee notes, as air conditioning demand hits a high.


Showdown: Russia’s Deadly Armata T-14 Tank vs. America’s ‘New’ M1 Abrams (Who Wins, Who Dies?)

Can the Army keep up with the latest and greatest from Russia and China? Army and industry weapons developers have begun work on an advanced next-generation…Abrams tank specifically engineered with new weapons, ammunition, laser-spotters and advanced thermal sights able to outrange, outgun and outmatch the most modern Russian and Chinese tanks, service and industry officials


NASS crisis: Obasanjo, Saraki in closed-door meeting

The Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki, held a closed-door meeting with former President Olusegun Obasanjo at his penthouse within the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library in Abeokuta on Monday. Saraki, who came in a black Toyota Landcruiser jeep in company with some security aides, arrived the OOPL around 5.30pm and emerged from the meeting at 7.12


Just how rich is President Trump?

Daily Digit is the story behind the numbers that make our world work. Today we’re looking at wealth in the White House. While it’s impossible know President Trump’s precise net worth without his tax returns, recent analysis from Bloomberg conservatively estimates that the commander in chief has approximately $2.8 billion to his name. Other estimates


Defection: Why denialism won’t salvage APC

By Ademola Adesola Whatever its surface dissembling and false display of calmness at this time when members are jumping off its distressed ship, the underneath reality is that there is a burning hell in the belly of the ruling All Progressives Congress. From the time this Special Project Platform masquerading as a political party took