Saudis blame ‘fistfight’ for Jamal Khashoggi’s death

The Saudi Arabia's flag flies atop the country's in Istanbul, Saturday, Oct. 20, 2018. Saudi Arabia claims Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi died in a "fistfight" in consulate, finally admitting that the writer had been slain at its diplomatic post. The overnight announcements in Saudi state media came more than two weeks after Khashoggi, 59, entered


Into the Brexit Labyrinth

After a year and a half of negotiations with the European Union, the British government is no closer to a divorce agreement than it was when it invoked Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty in March 2017. Sooner or later, Britons will have to choose between self-destruction and no Brexit at all. LONDON – Anyone


The Navy’s Columbia-Class Ballistic Missile Submarine Has a Very Special Propulsion System

And its getting closer to becoming reality. The Navy’s Columbia-Class Ballistic Missile Submarine Has a Very Special Propulsion System The Navy has now completed at least one-fourth of the design drawings and begun advanced work on a stealthy “electric drive” propulsion system for the emerging nuclear-armed Columbia-Class ballistic missile submarines — as part of its


The End of Scandinavian Non-Alignment

Massive NATO exercises in Norway this fall will include forces from two key non-NATO countries: Sweden and Finland. With no time to waste, Scandinavia is finally breaking fully with the Cold-War era doctrine of neutrality, and embracing a more prudent and proactive defense policy. STOCKHOLM – Having debarked from ports in western Sweden, military convoys



The Sino-American Cold War’s Collateral Damage

Despite the low probability of a direct military clash between the US and China, a Sino-American cold war would undoubtedly produce collateral damage so far-reaching and severe that the very future of humanity could be jeopardized. But it is not too late for the US and China to change course. CLAREMONT, CALIFORNIA – The escalating